1 Car Headrack


  • Can carry 1 full size vehicle
  • Rack lengths vary depending on size of tractor
  • Head racks are semi-custom and individually built / installed
  • Punched hole steel decking / will take straps
  • Hydraulic drop front end / 4-LED lights per side
  • Chain pockets 6 quick-release ratchet assemblies w/ chains
  • Set-up for high mount trailer
  • Color of choice – solid colors only

Note: All headracks are built and installed with customer provided exhausts / stacks. We DO NOT do any custom exhaust / stack work. Call for specific details.  U.S. & Canada legal on Federal level – State & Provincial level varies from one to another. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to know the laws within the areas where they do business.


  • Additional fee for PTO set-up