Golf Cart Trailers

We have developed 2 Golf Car Trailers for that ever expanding market. The 24/26 car trailer is designed to carry carts with the tops on them, with the exception of the carts over the tandems. The 34 car trailer is for carts without the tops attached, allowing you to load carts underneath the bottom deck, from the side.


Developed from the 6/7 car carrier, it has full floors, punched decks, covered with non-skid paint for traction. This trailer can be pulled with a single rear axle truck and loaded with 2 carts side-by-side. The trailer can be used to carry cars, but wheel-straps must be used to tie them down. No chains are included.


This trailer can carry 34 carts without tops, allowing for 3 levels of parking.  This trailer comes with a large signage area, and the tool box moved to the back of the trailer, in front of the tandems.  The bottom level can be loaded from either side.