53ft Trailers

These are the most popular and sought after trailer that Sun Valley manufactures.  The trailers are quick and easy to load helping minimize any chance of damage to your customers’ vehicles.  All of the 53 ft. trailers require a 2 rear axle truck for optimal efficiency.  These trailers can be seen all over the country, dating back to the first trailers we built, still working and hauling full loads.


This trailer is quick and easy to load without spending time moving the deck.  The tilt on the upper front deck is optional, but allows the first 2 cars to overlap, giving you an extra 8 ft. of loading capacity.


The 7/8 car hauler has quickly become the fastest selling trailer we manufacture.  The upper level has a tilt deck equipped with a shotgun which allows you to drive directly onto a headrack, also allowing you to overlap the first and second car on the top deck of your trailer. The belly of our 8 car hydraulically lifts to allow a vehicle to be loaded directly over the fifth wheel.  At the rear of the 5th wheel position is a partial deck that can be raised to allow more space to tuck a vehicle below that position.


The Lo Pro trailer was developed to allow cars to be tied down from the ground.  Many of the docks and rail heads do not allow trailers with chains, so this trailer allows you to load / unload 8-cars at a time and strap them from the ground.  It also has a tilt deck on the upper front and parks one car on the 5th wheel, same as the Quick Load Trailer.  This trailer is not the best option for carriers that pick and drop at various locations.